13 days.

Seeing the hassle of travelling through my sister’s eyes, who was supposed to be on the only flight last night into London Heathrow. Because of the power outages, it just turned out that her flight was the only one that was cancelled.

I saw her shaking for nearly 20 hours. Not eat anything. Smoking way too much. Panic.

I said, “Don’t give up.” I said it so many times… I hoped that she would remember my words if things don’t go as planned when she’s in the airport again. CBC News is saying that all Air Canada flights are cancelled until at least 5pm today. Her flight leaves at 7.20pm.

I remained calm. Mainly because this is exactly the sort of thing I expect to happen while travelling. This is exactly the sort of thing I expect to happen to my family when travelling. A full out Public Transportation strike when I was in Athens. My brother was robbed blind in Peru… and now my sister’s first big trip, and her flight was cancelled… and she’s spent hours trying to rebook a flight from London to Zurich. Poor kid.

So, like I said… 13 days. People lately have been asking if I’m excited. I honestly don’t think about it much. I’m stressed about money (because I want to take my third trip to Europe afterwards) and supplies. I’m a bit stressed about not being able to do my job well and things like that… but it’s currently just another move for me right now. Soon, I’m sure, reality will hit and I’ll be excited/scared/nervous… but I don’t want the next two weeks to be filled with stress.

I’m almost done my shopping. Small things like a radio, a camera, film and a alarm clock… other than that, I’m almost all done. I need to get my rx for my malaria pills, and one more rabies shot. Then I’m done. Whoo.

So soon. So soon.