My Christmas vacation went by too quickly. When the weather doesn’t change, days are very apt to blend into the other.

Some highlights though.

Second hand clothes shopping in an inexpensive village. While we were shopping, we drew a crowd. I don’t think a lot of white people visit. I got a beautiful wool winter coat for a measly D70. That’s less than $3, folks. It’ll keep me warm and stylin when I leave here.

I had two of my favorite VSO friends stay with me for two weeks.


and Angela:

We had a birthday party for a friend of ours, Lesley. Earlier in the day, we had woken her up with fruit and champagne. We pity the people who have birthdays around Christmas time.

A Christmas day sunset… hot dog, it was beautiful. And I fulfilled my dream of spending Christmas on the beach.

The moonrise:

We took another boat tour up the River Gambia, this time tempting fate with the crocs (or using ourselves as bait to try to get their attention), and sticking our feet in the river. It, unfortunately, was another waste of money, as I still didn’t get to see any crocs or hippos. But it was a nice relaxing time.

Angela has a Gambian boyfriend, for whom we all dressed up in my lone African dress and made fools of ourselves. Some of us were better balancing a bowl on our head than others. Hem, hem.

Char and I took a walk through a nature resort called Abuko, and saw a few different types of animals. Antelope, crocodiles, vultures, (and caged in were) sea turtles and hyenas, and free, wild monkeys:

(AND SO CLOSE! I almost peed myself, I was so excited).

For New Years, we went to a basic resort. It had running (sea) water, round huts with grass roofs, and it was very close to the ocean.


Soon time for me to leave West Africa, and I think what I’ll miss most is being able to see the ocean whenever I want to.

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  1. you should come to gambia now….. lol u wud b shocked. i live there and most of the things you talk about are things that ive never experienced or even seen…. like the toilets and your definition of banjul… i am yet to see a goat there and the roads are swept morning AND evening. i know nobody that earns less than D1ooo (even maids)And kitchen tables on heads? thats totally crazy

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